Every child is unique and each develops at a different rate. That’s why Brisbane City Child Care has created a flexible approach to playroom grouping so your child will be placed with peers at a similar stage.

Children at Brisbane City Child Care are in small groups based on their developmental stage. 

We combine all aspects of the Early Years Learning Framework in a wide array of activities every day. 

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Babies to Pre-walkers – ‘Joeys’

We understand how important it is for babies to have routine. When your little one comes to Brisbane City Child Care, their daily schedule is set by you to match what happens at home. As they develop, their achievements will be noticed and celebrated and documented against the ‘Early Years Learning Framework’.

Toddlers – ‘Koalas’

Toddlers enjoy a range of fun activities and play designed to help them discover themselves, make friends and acquire essential skills. Toddlers have their own playgrounds with soft surfaces and climbing walls to really help them explore their ability and learn.

Pre-kindy – ‘Possums’

Our pre-kindy kids love their days full of educational activities which help them develop their language and problem solving skills. They learn to work in a group whilst forming friendships and developing their social skills.

Kindy kids – ‘Kangaroos’ (Kindergarten Approved Program)

Brisbane City Child Care is childcare and kindergarten all in one. We run the Queensland Government Kindergarten Program within our long day care service. Kindy is taught by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher and incorporates play-based learning to instil a love of learning, create friendships, develop life-skills and prepare for school.


French Lessons

Approved kindergarten program children can experience French through the Play Frog program. Teaching a foreign language to preschool age children is important because the best time for a child to learn another language is in the 1st three to five years of life.

Music Lessons

Children of all ages in each of our rooms can experience the do-re-me music for children program.

Music learning and early childhood go hand in hand. Music develops the child’s mind, body, and spirit simultaneously. Participating in music activities engages the natural learning cycle of play, discovery, repetition, and mastery. Our aim is to immerse children in a musical world of discovery.

Infants who are exposed to music with assisted movement will remember and later demonstrate their learning when they reach the age of independent movement and speech.

Toddlers who are struggling with single syllable words will often sing complete phrases and those learning to walk spontaneously begin to dance.

Dr Joe Science Show

The aim is to empower the children of today with scientific knowledge in a fun and engaging manner.

We specialise in providing a range of hands on science lessons and interactive science shows that allow kids to gain a scientific perspective on the world around them that is fully compliant with relevant curriculum.

Science has never been more fun, safe and engaging than with Dr Joe and the team at CREATING SCIENCE.

Art Show

Held annually for our Kindergarten program, the children learn self-expression, attention to detail, perception, and best of all are immensely proud of achievements.

Children’s Yoga

Yoga helps children develop body awareness, learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way, manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement, as well as build concentration and increase their confidence and positive self-image.

Henny Penny – Chicken Farm

As human beings we are naturally curious, which makes the whole experience of watching that first, tiny, bedraggled chick stumbling out of its shell, fascinating to all. For children in particular, these observations become a major point of discussion. Henny penny prompts a series of shared experiences which they can verbalise to enhance communication on all levels.

Ocean Life Show

Ocean Life Education ‘Brings the Sea to You’ with fun marine education programs designed to inspire preschool children to appreciate and take responsibility for the marine ecosystem.

It is an interactive touch and learn session introducing children to creatures from the ocean, with live marine creatures to touch as well as shells and pictures to look at.

Jelly Kids Live Concert

Jelly Kids is the original music for cool kids. Fun, catchy and a whole lot of funky. This band entertain us at our Christmas concert and the kids have a fantastic dance party.

Showtime at Dance Along

These shows (I love my world – Part 1 Land and Part 2 Ocean) introduce children to recycling, sustainability and protecting the environment in a way which is engaging, exciting, energising and educational.

Ants in Your Pants

Ants in Your Pants is a multi-sports program designed to develop your child’s physical, psychological and social attributes, as well as having fun and learning new skills.  The classes allow children to explore a variety of sports within their relevant age group on a four-week rotational basis, including cricket, tennis, rugby and more.

“The beginning is the most important part of any work, especially in the case of a young and tender thing; for that is the time at which the character is being formed and the desired impression is more readily taken.” – Plato
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