What to ask?

What to ask, when choosing quality childcare.

  • What makes quality childcare?
  • Which centre is right for my child?
  • What centre is right for you?

When considering childcare for the first time it can be hard to know what you should look for and what questions to ask. So many newer parents have said, “I don’t know what I don’t know!”.

There are some things to consider, when selecting the centre for your child:

Do you have spaces now, or must I put my name on a waiting list?


Did you know

Brisbane City Child Care actively manages their waiting list. We work hard to makes space to suit our families' needs.

How well has safety been fully considered?

  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, how fast can ALL children be evacuated to outside the centre?
  • How do they get the children out of multi-level buildings?
  • How often do they practice?
  • How are children managed whilst outside during an evacuation?


Did you know

Brisbane City Child Care has a tried and tested evacuation and gets ALL children completely outside in under 2 minutes! We practice this evacuation regularly. Those children who are not yet walking are cared for on the ground floor to ensure ease of evacuation via special evacuation cots.

What's the daily routine for my child's age-group?

Is it a fixed daily plan or can it be individualised to my child's preferences/priorities/values/?


Did you know

Brisbane City Child Care has 4 nurseries each with separate sleep rooms so your baby can follow the routine you set. We use our multiple rooms to group children together where individualised routines complement each other.

What are the age groupings in rooms? What determines when my child moves from one room to another?

Some centres group children together by age, others by developmental stage. Some have open plan spaces where a larger range of ages are all together.


Did you know

When touring our centre you can ask us about how the rooms are set up and the current transition points between rooms.

What will my child be learning when they are here?

  • What experiences will my child get to try?
  • What extra-curricular activities are available?
  • Does the centre deliver the national curriculum to all age-groups?


Did you know

You can take a look at our curriculum and our inclusions here. We pride ourselves on providing stimulating activities where the children have an absolute ball. Best of all, we’ll clean them up too!

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